What does the term "extremity adjustments" entail?

Extremity adjustments involve manipulating the joints of limbs to restore motion within those joints. Consider the significance of these adjustments if you've ever experienced stiffness in your shoulder or wrist.

When joints lose their range of motion, they gradually deteriorate over time. Extremity adjustments can benefit various joints, including wrists, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, and even the jaw.

Here are five advantages of extremity adjustments:

  1. Enhance Overall Body Mechanics: When one part of your body malfunctions, other areas compensate. For instance, if you injure your ankle, you might unconsciously shift your weight to the other foot while walking, temporarily relieving pressure on the injured joint. However, this compensation can lead to long-term issues. Proper extremity adjustments ensure each part of your body functions optimally, preventing overcompensation and global misalignments.
  2. Understand the Interconnectedness of Your Body: Body mechanics is closely tied to the importance of understanding how different parts of your body are connected. Shifting your weight due to an injury affects not only the injured area but also other joints, altering your walk, hips, spine, shoulders, and head position. Acknowledging these interconnected relationships is crucial for maintaining overall bodily function.
  3. Alleviate Referred Pain: Referred pain, felt in a different part of the body than the actual source, can be challenging to treat. Chiropractors, knowledgeable about nerve pathways, can identify and relieve pressure on the nerve causing pain. For example, numbness in the little finger might be related to a shoulder misalignment rather than an issue in the hand.
  4. Whole Body Vitalistic Treatments: Extremity adjustments are integral to holistic, whole-body treatments. An issue in one part of the body can disrupt the entire system. Maintaining the health of every joint and system helps prevent stress on other areas, emphasizing the interconnectedness of bodily functions.
  5. Support Athletic Performance and General Health: Athletes, especially, benefit from extremity adjustments to ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of injuries. Misalignments, even in seemingly minor joints like the ankle, can compromise an athlete's ability to make quick movements. Many professional sports teams now have chiropractors on staff to address these issues and keep their athletes performing at their best.

Contrary to the common perception of chiropractors only adjusting the spine, some are trained to address extremities, promoting overall bodily function. If you experience discomfort in your limbs, consulting a chiropractor can help ensure your joints are properly aligned.


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