Webster’s Technique

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What Is the Webster Technique?

One aspect of chiropractic care that isn’t mentioned enough is its versatility. Everyone can see the chiropractor for treatment. Chiropractic care is just as beneficial for toddlers as it is for senior citizens. Even pregnant women can benefit from adopting a chiropractic care routine.

The Webster technique is an example of chiropractic care designed to help pregnant women. Similar to other forms of chiropractic care, the Webster technique is about correcting misalignments throughout the musculoskeletal system. The biggest difference is evident in the focus on the parts of the women’s body most likely to be affected by pregnancy.

Chiropractors use the Webster technique to address issues affecting a pregnant woman’s pelvis. If you are experiencing pain around that part of your body, you can expect the chiropractor to identify that issue and use the Webster technique to treat it effectively.

The aforementioned chiropractic technique is useful not just for treating pelvic pain. Correcting the alignment of the pelvis before birth is critical. If that issue is left unaddressed, you may have to deal with a breech birth and its potential complications. Count on your chiropractor to administer the adjustments that will optimize your baby's position for delivery.

Going back to the pain-relieving benefits of the Webster technique, chiropractors can use it to alleviate more than the discomfort affecting your hips. It also works on pain affecting the lower back that may be caused by sciatica or other issues. Your joints will also feel better following a visit to the chiropractor.

Experience the benefits of the Webster technique in Henderson, NV, after contacting Dr. Godfrey of Synergy Sport & Spine.

How Is the Webster Technique Administered?

A treatment session featuring the Webster technique starts with the chiropractor conducting some examinations. These examinations are designed to assess your current health situation. They will also tell the chiropractor how they can use the Webster technique to your benefit.

Once the examinations are done, your chiropractor will ask you to lie down on a table. Don’t worry because the table has been specifically altered to accommodate your pregnant body.

After you have settled into a comfortable position, the chiropractor will begin checking the alignment of your pelvis. They may also ask you to change positions sometimes so they can work on your body from different angles.

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